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Get and Give Help During Quarantine

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What is QuarantAid?

Quarantaid.me connects those in need with volunteers who are able to help them. This is particularly important during this period of quarantine and self-isolation due to COVID-19.

How does it work?

People in need can post requests for help, such as picking up food or collecting medicine, and volunteers can select which requests they're able to help with.

When a volunteer has found a request they're able to help with, we share the volunteer's contact details with the requester. The requester can then contact the volunteer to make arrangements.

Is it safe?

We collect very little information (just enough for a volunteer to be able to help with a request) and never share the requester's details with the volunteer. All communication takes place in a format suitable to both the requester and volunteer.

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Is it free?

YES. Forever.

Who are you?

QuarantAid.me was built by Adam Bedford and Hanzala Masood in Los Angeles ☀️ and London ☔.